「 틴피니트; 비투비; 에이핑크 ♡ 」
  • Sunggyu doing finger gestures to Myungsoo about Sungjong
  • Myungsoo’s intense staring at Sungjong ~ >o<
  • Myungsoo the only one who (lovingly XD) clapped after Sungjong spoke ~

Myungsoo and his attack of subtle yet intense (and loving) stares and glances on Sungjong hmmmm~


Where’s Myungsoo leaned on…  R 18+  >//< !!!!

Sungjong who thoughtfully made his way towards Myungsoo and then handed him their trophy ~ (◡‿◡✿)

MYUNGSOO: Maknae Sungjong and I play the “forever boyfriend” role as well ~ (laughs) ‘Power Push’ Special Interview (Source: foreverlsung)


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